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Tried following the guide but got stuck? Need a little bit of help? Try watching our installation video showing you exactly how to perform the steps described here.

It features full commentary telling you exactly what needs to be performed. It follows this guide very closely and will achieve the same result. Augment the process by following along with this guide and this handy video!

Getting Started

  • Getting the appropriate builds

    There are numerous builds of DOSBox available. A short list of these includes the official 0.74 release, the official SVN builds, and unofficial SVN builds. some unofficial, but highly progressive versions include DOSBox Daum, DOSbox-X, and JDOSBox.

    Important Files →

  • Setting up DOSBox

    As with any program, it must be set up correctly. The configuration file for DOSBox is explained in some depth here.

    Guide Part 1 →