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  • Part 1) First Steps

    Click to begin your adventure into Windows 95 on DosBox.

    Learn and perform the basics necessary to successfully install and use this operating system.

    Need more help? See the video on how to perform the installation!

    Part 1) First Steps

  • Part 2) The Hard Drive

    Learn how to create, partition and format your virtual hard drive.

    A key step, you need a hard drive to install your operating system!

    Part 2) The Hard Drive

  • Part 3) Installation

    Installing the Windows 95 operating system.

    One of the most important steps of the process. Be prepared to enjoy the nostalgia.

    Part 3) Installation

  • Part 4) Software and Drivers

    Installation of proper drivers and any additional hardware for your operating system.

    This is going to make your system usable and increase its' functionality.

    Part 4) Software and Drivers