Guide Part 1: First Steps

  • 1) Download the DosBox Builds

    Download the 3 major DosBox builds referenced here. We will be using DOSBox Daum and JDOSBox. NOTICE: As mentioned on the "Important Files" page, please use the provided version of DOSBox Daum to ensure compatibility with this guide.

    You should place the java executable into a folder. It would also be beneficial to place the Daum folder in the same location.

    JDOSBox →

    DOSBox Daum →

  • 2) DOSBox Daum Configuration

    Once you have extracted or installed the various versions, it is now time to prepare them for proper use with windows. We will be utilizing the DosBox Daum build.

    Locate the configuration file, in DosBox Daum this is called dosbox.conf. The configuration file found on the "Important Files" page will make setup easy.

  • 3) JDOSBox Configuration

    JDOSBox is somewhat unique in the way it works. It is a self-contained java executable but retains an external configuration file.

    Again using the configuration file found on the "Important Files" page will make setup simple.

  • 4) Verify Configurations

    You may want to start both JDOSBox and DOSBox Daum in order to verify the configuration files are working properly.

    You should see something similiar to what the image shows.

    Part 2: The Hard Drive