Guide Part 4:Drivers and Software

  • 47) Transfer Drivers onto VHD

    The next step is to transfer the drivers and any other software you want into your virtual hard drive.

    You may wish to create a folder as shown here, simply named "Drivers". This file transfer is conducted the same way we initially transferred the Windows 95 CD to the hard drive, via the Computer Management console.

    Drivers and Software

  • 48) Unofficial Service Pack

    I will recommend specifically that you install the unofficial service pack (rev 2.1a).

    This will install every hotfix for Windows 98 and also lets you add a few other nice tweaks.

  • 49) Installing the Unofficial SP

    Accept the agreement. This doesn't have much of an impact on us since this isn't a real system.

    I have never had any issues installing the unofficial service pack and consider it to be safe.

  • 50) Selecting Components

    You can now select what you would like the unofficial service pack to install. I recommend at least what is shown here. But you are free to choose what you'd like.

    The performance tweaks are something you may want to consider. I feel that they boost our performance slightly when we switch to using DOSBox Daum.

  • 51) Unofficial SP

    Now the unofficial service pack will install a lot of updates and other things.

    You should let this finish COMPLETELY. It may be deceiving at times, as it occasionally does updates in the background or DOS prompt that you may not notice.

  • 52) Restart Windows 98

    You will know the unofficial service pack has finished installing when you see the prompt shown here.

    Tell the system to restart. This will allow all of our updates to take effect.

  • 53) Setup of Components

    You may notice things look a little different. Your system is as up-to-date as possible now.

    However there are still things for you to do. For example updating your SoundBlaster and S3 Trio64 drivers at a minimum.

  • 54) Finishing Up

    As this is intended to be a more advanced guide I won't be walking you through the installation of each component.

    I have provided many updates and programs for you to install if you choose in the downloads section. You may choose what you install. If you get stuck or need a hint, feel free to check the more detailed walk-throughs available in the Windows 95 section.