Important Files

Important Documents, Drivers and Software

NOTICE: Please be aware since the time I have written this guide, DOSBox and DOSBox Daum are still being constantly developed and improved upon. As a result of this not all versions are compatible with this guide. Please use either the version of DOSBox Daum provided in the link to the right or simply click here. For reference, this is DOSBox Daum version released on May 6, 2013, based on DOSBox SVN 3829.

You must have your own copy of Windows 9x. While the operating system is old and sees little if any use these days, it is still under copyright by Microsoft and should be obtained legally. I do not condone, nor am I responsible for your actions otherwise.

In order to have a successful install of any operating system you must have the proper software. This includes the most basic level necessities such as drivers for your hardware, all the way to helpful goodies such as word processing software and video games.

Provided below is a list of drivers, important updates and other useful software that can help you get the most out of your Windows 9x installation within DosBox.

Please be aware that I do not own any of the following files. Any registered or copyrighted software is still the respective property of their owners. All software provided here is to be considered free and available to anyone willing to search. I have compiled this small database for the sole purpose of providing a single location to find these files.

The drivers provided here are free and available to the public from their original vendors if you can locate them (some are extremely difficult to locate). You may choose to visit their respective websites to find out more.

Links to all important files

Most of these files are self extracting. You can run the executable directly within your Windows 9x virtual environment since the self extraction does not rely on any external program.
Windows 95 Drivers and Software
DOSBox Daum Configuration File DOSBox 0.74 Configuration File
S3 Trio64 DirectX 8.0a Flash Player 8r24 S3 Trio64 Bios
SoundBlaster 16 Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 Java 1.4.2 Boot Disk 622c
Voodoo (official) Adobe Reader 5.05 Open Office 1.0.3 Unicode Update
Voodoo (custom) 7-Zip 9.22 Windows Installer Boot Disk Win98C
Ultrasound Virtual Clone Drive Firefox 2.0 Install Scitech DD and Univbe
Intellipoint 4 USB Supplement MS Active Accessibility Dial-Up Networking 1.4

Windows 98 Drivers and Software
DOSBox Daum Configuration File JDOSBox Configuration File
S3 Trio64 DirectX 9.0c Unofficial Service Pack S3 Trio64 Bios
SoundBlaster 16 DirectX 7.0a Flash Player 9r280 MS Data Access Components
Voodoo (official) Internet Explorer 6 Java 6 update 7 DotnetFX 2.0
Voodoo (custom) Adobe Reader 6 Open Office 2.4.3 Boot Disk Win98C
Ultrasound 7-Zip 9.22 Opera 10.10 Scitech DD and Univbe
Intellipoint 4.12 Daemon Tools 3.4.7 MS Active Accessibility Media Player 9

Additional Notes

The Firefox Browser is excellent if you do plan to install the pcap library to allow DOSBox to communicate with your host and the internet. Firefox was released late in 2008, and is a far superior browser to IE 5.5. Be warned it can be a tedious and long process, and you may have to use the more capable JDOSBox to perform the installation.

The Scitech Display Doctor and Univbe driver are free as Scitech no longer produces or maintains the software. The installers labeled with a "-w" are windows installers and should be used. The "-d" folders are DOS drivers. These drivers do function, but are not as capable or stable as the official S3 Trio64 drivers also provided here.