Guide Part 4:Drivers and Software

  • 49) Transfer Drivers onto VHD

    The next step is to transfer the drivers and any other software you want into your virtual hard drive.

    You may wish to create a folder as shown here, simply named "Drivers". This file transfer is conducted the same way we initially transferred the Windows 95 CD to the hard drive, via the Computer Management console. See part 3  steps 24-28 for a refresher.

    Drivers and Software

  • 50) All of the Goodies

    Simply transfer all of your files into the folder you created in the step above.

    The link provided above will take you to retrieve and files you may need. It should look something like this, at least partially.

  • 51) Final Configuration Tweaks

    We no longer need to mount the boot disk each time, so that can be removed from the autoexec section of the config file. For assistance with this step review part 1 for how to access the configuration file.

    Instead add the "boot -l c" command under the mount command as shown.

  • 52) Preparing the Drivers

    Boot back into windows. With the command we added above, this should now happen automatically when you start DOSBox.

    Navigate to the folder that you placed all your drivers and software into.

  • 53) Accessing the Control Panel

    Next we need to open up the control panel. From here we will be able to perform most of our driver updates.

    It is located in the Start menu under settings.

  • 54) Add New Hardware

    Select the add new hardware option in the control panel.

    First we will set up the PCI bus for our Voodoo emulation.

  • 55) Locating the Hardware

    When prompted if you want Windows to search for your new hardware select No and hit next.

    The PCI bus is emulated, but Windows will not detect it automatically.

  • 56) Hardware Type

    The PCI bus falls under the System Devices category.

    Select this and hit next.

  • 57) Select the PCI bus

    Select the PCI bus and hit next.

    It will locate the proper drivers and install them from the Windows 95 CD still located on your hard drive.

  • 58) Deleting the Windows 95 CD

    Now that we have successfully installed the PCI bus we no longer need the Windows 95 CD.

    Delete the folder off of your C: drive. It may be sent to your recycle bin. If this is the case simply delete it again to fully remove it.

  • 59) Adding Various Drivers

    Following this step will be a series of links to follow to with instructions on setup procedures for individual components.

    These have separate pages for each component. These are not necessary to install, but they do add functionality to your operating system. However they should be installed in the order listed! If you do not want a particular component simply do not install it and continue on.

  • 60) Gravis Ultrasound

    Gravis Ultrasound, a marvel of old school sound technology. Arguably able to produce the best sound quality of its day besides high end professional solutions.

    The Gravis Drivers should be installed first if you intend to install them. Follow the link for that guide.

    Gravis Ultrasound Installation

  • 61) Internet Explorer 5.5

    The newest version of Internet Explorer for Windows 95. An essential upgrade, especially if using a version of Windows 95 that has Internet Explorer integration.

    If you do not wish to install this update, but still want the other essential system components it upgrades, links are provided in the guide and on the important files page.

    Internet Explorer Installation

  • 62) Direct X 8.0a

    Direct X 8.0a is the latest version available for Windows 95. It shows some performance enhancements over Direct X 7 or 6, so we will install it for that reason.

    It is recommended that you install this if you plan on playing games. It will be necessary to play most games, but not all.

    Direct X 8.0a Installation

  • 63) Windows Installer 2.0

    Execute the InstMsiA.exe

    This will update the Windows Installer for any programs that may require it.

  • 64) Install 7-Zip

    Install 7-Zip 9.22 by executing the installer.

    This will install 7-Zip which may be necessary to install some other drivers, depending on if you unzipped them prior to moving them into your virtual hard disk.

  • 65) SoundBlaster 16 Drivers

    Next we will be updating the SoundBlaster 16 drivers. While the drivers that come with Windows 95 are relatively functional, they are a little out of date.

    While not a necessary update, it is recommended to get optimum sound quality.

    SoundBlaster 16 Installation

  • 66) Virtual Clone Drive

    Next we will be installing Virtual Clone Drive. This will be our virtual CD emulator.

    This will allow us to load up iso, img, bin and various other images of CDs. Very useful.

    As a side note, Daemon Tools while more popular also required USB support. Not all versions of Windows 95 have this, but you may choose to install this instead of you have version B with the USB supplement or version C.

  • 67) Install Virtual Clone Drive

    Execute the Virtual Clone Drive setup file.

    Selecting a Full install is easiest. Alternatively you may select the features you want. It is a small and simple install, around 3 MB in total.

  • 68) S3 Trio 64 Driver Update

    The emulated 2d graphics card in DOSBox and many popular virtual machines is an S3 Trio 64. It is chosen for its high compatibility over a broad spectrum of display modes.

    The Windows drivers that are automatically installed are very poor, and even the ones you can get from the CD later are not optimal.

    s3 Trio 64 Installation

  • 69) 3dfx Voodoo Drivers

    DOSBox Daum is one of a few builds of DOSBox that has Voodoo emulation built into the program. This saves you the trouble of custom compiling a build and including the patch yourself.

    The speed is quite good, on par with a Voodoo 2, despite only emulating a single Voodoo 1 chip.

    3dfx Voodoo Installation

  • Congratulations!

    You now have a Windows 95 Installation with some advanced goodies installed as well.

    Additional programs may be installed, such as Open Office 1.0.3, Flash Player 8 rev 24, or Java 1.4.3. To download these programs please visit the Important Files page and see the available files.

    It will run most old games, old programs and function quite well.

    Enjoy your new installation of Windows 95!