Internet Explorer 5.5

  • 1) Extracting IE 5.5

    Execute the IE 5.5 package downloaded from this website.

    This runs a self contained extraction program, it will extract to a folder in the same directory you are currently in.

  • 2) The Extraction Process

    The extraction should look similar to this.

    It will extract into a folder called "IE 5.5 SP2 Full". This will  contain our installer and all necessary files.

  • 3) IE Setup

    The installer we want to use is called "Ie5setup"

    Start this installer and follow the prompts.

  • 4) Installation Type

    You can use the typical installation, but it will install some useless utilities that you do not need.

    If you select install minimal you can pick individual components. I recommend this option.

  • 5) Key Components

    You should install Windows Media Player and its' codecs. This will give you basic media player functionality.

    Hit next when you are done and Internet Explorer plus your selected components will install automatically. Restart if prompted to do so.