S3 Trio64 Graphics

  • 1) Access Settings Menu

    Right click on your desktop and select properties. This will bring up a menu, go to the settings tab.

    Next you should select the "Advanced Properties" button as shown in the image.

  • 2) Change Is Good

    Select the "Change" button in the Adapter tab as shown here.

    This will bring up a screen that should be familiar to you by this point.

  • 3) Have Disk, Will Use

    Select the "Have Disk" option

    Be sure you have your S3 Trio 64 Drivers extracted already! If you downloaded them from here they are in a zip file called "S3 Trio64 2.02.04"

  • 4) Browse to Location

    You will be asked to locate the disk, as we have seen before.

    Simply hit browse and use windows explorer to navigate to the folder, if you have been following this guide it should be in the "Drivers" folder.

  • 5) Selecting The INF

    Navigate to the folder that contains the driver.

    In the case of this guide it is located in the "Drivers" folder called "w9520204", as seen in the image. However, if you downloaded the files from this site they will be called something similar to "S3 Trio64 2.02.04". The S3.inf should be selected automatically.

  • 6) Selecting Your Hardware

    You want to select the S3 Trio 32/64 PCI card. This is the appropriate card for our emulated hardware.

    Finishing should install the driver. You will now have greatly improved screen resolution availability and color depth options. You will also have a more stable system due to the way DOSBox works.

  • 7) Adjusting Our Settings

    Back in our "Settings" tab, we can now set advanced display modes.

    Here we are in "True Color" mode (32 bit depth) at a resolution of 1024x768. We are capable of resolutions up to 1600x1200 if you desire.

    Though your preferred resolution if you are going to play games is likely going to be 800x600 at 16 bit color depth. This is explained in the Voodoo Guide.

  • 8) S3 Trio 64 BIOS (optional)

    DOSBox Daum has the ability to load and utilize an alternate graphics BIOS than the standard VGA BIOS included with DOSBox.

    Download the S3 Trio 64 BIOS from the Important Files page and extract the bin file into your Daum directory. Finally add the line "ldgfxrom 86c764x1.bin" to your autoexec in the DOSBox config file.