Sound Blaster 16

  • 1) Move the Self Extractor

    We will be moving the self extracting "Sbw9xup" program into its' own folder.

    This is important to do because when it auto extracts it simply puts all the files into the same folder as the executable.

  • 2) Extract the Components

    Simply execute Sbw9xup.exe.

    It will place around 15 files in the same folder as sbw9xup.exe, which is why we made a separate folder just for it.

  • 3) Open System Management

    We will use system management, accessible through the control panel.

    We will be performing a driver update, rather than a fresh install as we have done up until now.

  • 4) Select the Sound Blaster

    Sound Blaster is located under the Sound, video and game controllers heading.

    You may select it and hit the properties button, or right click and select properties. Either will bring you to the appropriate menu.

  • 5) Updating the Drivers

    Now that you are in the properties menu, select the "Update Driver" option near the bottom of the menu.

  • 6) Locating the Driver

    We do not want Windows to attempt to find our driver automatically.

    Select No, and hit next.

  • 7) Select Sound Blaster 16

    It should open directly onto this screen with these options selected.

    Simply hit finish and let Windows attempt to find the driver.

  • 8) Point to the Driver Location

    Windows will attempt to find the file but fail. Instead you should hit Browse and point it to the folder that you have extracted the "Sbw9xup.exe" file into.

  • 9) Updating the Drivers

    Once pointed towards the folder you have extracted the Sound Blaster update files into, it should automatically locate cspman.dll.

    Simply hit OK and follow any additional prompts, letting the driver update complete. Restart if prompted.