3dfx Voodoo

  • 1) Add New Hardware

    To fully install our Voodoo card we must first go to the add new hardware option in our control panel.

    Start the program to begin.

  • 2) Locating our Hardware

    Again, we are not interested in letting Windows search for our hardware.

    Instead select "No" and hit next.

  • 3) Video Controllers

    The hardware type we want to select is "Sound, video and game controllers"

    Select this option and hit next as shown.

  • 4) Have Disk

    Select the "Have Disk" option.

    You will be prompted to locate your Voodoo graphics drivers.

  • 5) Navigate to your Drivers

    Depending on which driver you chose to download your folder may be named differently. Naturally it is still located in the "Drivers" folder if you have been following this guide.

    I have chosen to use the slightly tweaked non-official drivers. You may choose to use either the official or unofficial ones. Both are provided in the important files page.

  • 6) Voodoo Graphics 3D Accel.

    The only device that will appear is the Voodoo Graphics 3D Accelerator.

    This is the device we want, finish and watch the drivers install. Continue on to the next step.

  • 7) Additional Steps

    ATTENTION! If you decided to use the tweaked non-official drivers as I did, you should run the following two registry edits in the driver folder. Simply execute them and they will perform the changes for you.

    It is important to do this so your driver functions properly. Ignore this step if you used the official voodoo drivers.

  • 8) Admiring our Work

    You should now have a full featured and fully enabled Voodoo chip being emulated and available to you.

    This menu is available by right clicking on your desktop and selecting properties. It is under the voodoo tab.