Method 1: Computer Management

  • 1) Computer Management

    Open computer management by selecting "Manage" after right clicking on your computer.

    This is an administrative tool, and so you must enter an administrator password if you are not the administrator account.

  • 2) Disk Management

    The heading we are concerned with is Storage. The Disk managment is what we are after.

    ATTENTION: Do NOT try to format or adjust your real C: drive! You can do a lot of damage from this menu if you are not careful.

  • 3) Attach the Virtual Hard Disk

    Right click on the disk management and select the Attach VHD option.

    You will then be asked to locate your Virtual Hard Drive.

  • 4) Locate your VHD

    If you have been following this guide closely, you will have created your virtual hard drive in the same folder as DosBox Daum.

    Select your image file and hit open.

  • 5) Explore your new VHD

    Your virtual hard drive should appear mounted as a drive now, as shown in the window. Here it is mounted as the E: drive.

    You may even have AutoPlay pop up, as it views this as a sort of removable media, similar to a USB thumb stick.

  • 6) Copy the Windows 95 CD

    Here we are now looking into the virtual hard drive we have created. You must now copy the entire Windows 95 installation CD into the virtual hard drive.

    Here we have a folder that has the entire CD copied into it. This is most easily accomplished simply by putting the CD into your disk drive and copying everything into a folder on your desktop.

  • 7) Detach the Virtual Hard Disk

    Right click on the icon for your virtual hard disk. In this case it is marked as Disk 2. It should be easy to identify as it will have whatever name you gave it during the creation process.

    Right click and hit the Detach VHD option. This will safely detach it from your system so it can be used by DosBox.